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Headlines gone awry or why are we focusing on the worst parts of our content?

Headlines gone awry or why are we focusing on the worst parts of our content?

If we want to be a more warm, fuzzy, inclusive, and maybe better species, we need to make a conscious effort to stop dividing ourselves. Let’s take control! Continue reading


Random Asides

  • You're here because you couldn't help but to click on the astrick in my post "Don't fake it, interact!" Since we're on that topic, here's a poll for you *Congratulations, you got my really subtle nerd wordplay movie quote. Contact the front desk and they'll send up your major award**. ** Congratulations, you got my not-so-subtle nerd wordplay movie quote. Don't worry, it's not a leg lamp (see, did it again). Although if that's what you want, we might be able to work something out. Oh, you've earned it. You read a post that showed my now-small-pony of a dog as a puppy, so here's him in his full adult "glory." Don't worry, you don't have to "AWW" at these.
  • As you may have noticed, I am female.  I'll wait here while you gasp in surprise. Please don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure I'm not a misogynist female, but I will tell you what I am: proud, inordinately stubborn, and occasionally intelligent. Why am I stating things that you'll know in about 5.5 seconds if you ever get to meet me? (more…)
  • While I'm on the search for the as much knowledge as humanly possible, I've been roaming around the interwebz this past week. As previously discussed, I have the hopes of actually being able to help someone by sharing my reading history and as not previously discussed, this might also help me remember what I read and where.  Benefits abound. Enjoy this week's selections and please, let me know what you think. (more…)
  • Today I spent some time brushing up om my #CMGR reading. Why?  Why not? Social media is nothing if not community (unless it's a network and yes, in the future, that difference will be more clearly expounded upon in some way, shape, or form) So, what did I read today? (more…)
  • Thus far today I've read: (more…)
  • I'm a reader. This section is, not surprisingly, dedicated to what I'm reading at any given moment. You'll get to see books, articles, blog posts, the occasional infographic (shh, don't tell), or anything else that I think you might benefit from. If there's one thing I've learned while being a part of the social media community, it's that there's so much data out there, keeping track of it is virtually impossible. While I fiddle around with other ways to do so, here's the best option I could think of. If you're interested in some past reading history, feel free to check out my goodreads profile.

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