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So little to say, so many ways to say it

Ready for a little blasphemy? Here’s a question I would like you to ponder:

Really, how much does your business, organization, or group have to say? How much do YOU have to say?


You can keep pondering that while I continue this ramble.

Based on the fact (I’m sorry, it is a fact) that any given person, organization, or group of people really only has so much to say, there is absolutely no reason to be on each and every single solitary social media outlet. It’s craziness and inefficient. The ONLY (and yes, I do mean only) rationale to have an account on each and every stinking social media outlet is if you have any chance of knowing what each audience wants, can specifically target each outlet’s users, and provide them with the data they want.

Duh, I know.

But is that really a duh statement? Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Path, Pearltrees, Pinterest, blogs, YouTube, Google+, Lifestream… sorry, I started hyperventilating there for a second. In other words, there’s a LOT of options, and as helpful as a user study is, there are limits. Adding insult to injury, every day there are more platforms available.

You might think “why isn’t there some sort of nice easy breakdown of what each outlet is best for x, what the successful use strategies are, and what’s the audience they target?” Chances are, there is. Wait, let me rephrase that: there are, they are just broken into a million little pieces and spread out all over the interwebs. I’ll do my best to help. You can check out what I’m reading plus stay tuned, as this has the feeling of a series or at least a miniseries type of topic.

You can help as well though. Did you find a GREAT piece that shows how to best use [random platform]? An infograph that clearly shows what users on [random platform] are really looking for? Anything? Share it here. Let’s try to gather those pearls together and make them easily accessible and available. Sound good?

We’ll muddle thru this together. Or we’ll google it to death. One way or the other, it’s you and me friends.


About C Hipke

I do some stuff in the digital world, as well as in the physical world. I could happily talk your ears off on, well, just about anything. I'm an awesome, headache-inducing person with not much humility who is driven to help make the world a better place (and no, I don't care if that sounds corny). My contributions to the world as we know it come in the form of communicating and nitpicking how other people communicate. Gimme a pet and a book and you probably won't hear from me for a while, unless "[Pet], you should(n't) do that!" counts. I will take occasional breaks from reading to play video games and may also grudgingly do some adult things like earn money, shower, eat, and sleep. I may also watch a movie or t.v. show, especially if it's an adult cartoon show. You can follow me on twitter (@hipkec), drop me a line (hipke.ce@gmail.com), or tell me what you're thinking right here because, honestly, I want to know!


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