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I do some stuff in the digital world, as well as in the physical world. I could happily talk your ears off on, well, just about anything. I'm an awesome, headache-inducing person with not much humility who is driven to help make the world a better place (and no, I don't care if that sounds corny). My contributions to the world as we know it come in the form of communicating and nitpicking how other people communicate. Gimme a pet and a book and you probably won't hear from me for a while, unless "[Pet], you should(n't) do that!" counts. I will take occasional breaks from reading to play video games and may also grudgingly do some adult things like earn money, shower, eat, and sleep. I may also watch a movie or t.v. show, especially if it's an adult cartoon show. You can follow me on twitter (@hipkec), drop me a line (hipke.ce@gmail.com), or tell me what you're thinking right here because, honestly, I want to know!
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Headlines gone awry or why are we focusing on the worst parts of our content?

If we want to be a more warm, fuzzy, inclusive, and maybe better species, we need to make a conscious effort to stop dividing ourselves. Let’s take control! Continue reading


Six Keys to Effective Social Media Monitoring

Originally posted on Beyond PR:
Social media has the amazing ability to connect us with people and conversations we might otherwise have never known existed. It’s pretty incredible what we can learn from social media. But with all the content out there—an absolute deluge of thoughts and ideas—how do we find what is most relevant…

15 Signs You’re Trying To Get Your Shit Together But Like, It’s Hard

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Young Adult 1. You went to the grocery store and bought all healthy things, but then you got tired and hungry when you got home, so you ordered pizza. You’ll cook tomorrow, right? 2. You got all that spinach for all those green smoothies. You made one. You threw out…

Biodegradable Urn Lets You Go Green, Even Six Feet Under

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
If you choose to be cremated, your ashes might as well go towards a good cause. The eco-friendly Bios urn now gives you the chance to put your ashes in an urn containing a seed that will one day grow into a tree. Designed and created by designers Martin Azua and…

Cloud v USB: Is the digital storage war over?

I hope the answer isn’t yes to the following question, but I am interested in your thoughts: Is it crazy to want to always have removable memory options or at least a port to take things from one device to another (for a cell phone, tablet, etc.)?

Step up to save lives

Normally, this blog is dedicated to the professional, nonfuzzy side of my life. I may still be zany, a little off the wall, and look at things differently, but in this site, you should be safe from the work I do for and with animal rescues. I’m sorry, but today I will be breaking that … Continue reading

easter egg 1

You’re here because you couldn’t help but to click on the astrick in my post “Don’t fake it, interact!” Since we’re on that topic, here’s a poll for you *Congratulations, you got my really subtle nerd wordplay movie quote. Contact the front desk and they’ll send up your major award**. ** Congratulations, you got my … Continue reading

Don’t fake it, interact!

I am officially over the ever sought-after like, +, star, or what have you.  Facebook, Google +, WordPress, Foursquare, your phony forms of interaction bore me and I vote have no relevance. Twitter, yours is ok. Not great, but an RT, much like a share, does indicate a certain attachment and actual interest in the … Continue reading

Why give one sex special treatment?

As you may have noticed, I am female.  I’ll wait here while you gasp in surprise. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure I’m not a misogynist female, but I will tell you what I am: proud, inordinately stubborn, and occasionally intelligent. Why am I stating things that you’ll know in about 5.5 seconds if … Continue reading

Don’t expect us to make it easy

You’ve all heard about this So I can now share with you a really nitpicky observation about the Wall Street Journal’s share of Target’s, well let’s just be nice and say interesting, labeling issue.