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Cloud v USB: Is the digital storage war over?

I hope the answer isn’t yes to the following question, but I am interested in your thoughts: Is it crazy to want to always have removable memory options or at least a port to take things from one device to another (for a cell phone, tablet, etc.)? Advertisements

Give you my permissions? I don’t think so.

You may have read recently that a new career networking service, Identified.com, is like the old reliable, LinkedIn, but sexier.  Good for it. Sounds cool, doesn’t it or at least sexy? We all know sex sells. Shoot, it even hooked me for a second and a half or at least the claim of a … … Continue reading

So little to say, so many ways to say it

Ready for a little blasphemy? Here’s a question I would like you to ponder: Really, how much does your business, organization, or group have to say? How much do YOU have to say? You can keep pondering that while I continue this ramble.