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Cloud v USB: Is the digital storage war over?

I hope the answer isn’t yes to the following question, but I am interested in your thoughts: Is it crazy to want to always have removable memory options or at least a port to take things from one device to another (for a cell phone, tablet, etc.)?

Look, I get it, we live in a wireless world, more or less. There are so many cloud based storage options, what with dropbox, sky drive (which at least uses a full version of Microsoft office, google I’m looking at you, but that’s another rant for another time), google drive, evernote, the amazon cloud, the iCloud, to the even more odd and not necessarily storage options but still storage of a type like Mammoth, Learnist, and if you think about it, even Pinterest.

So I can understand that having removable memory from a device that connects to the interwebz isn’t 100% vital. I get it, I really do. It could just be that I’m too old to be “with it” anymore when it comes to digital storage. I still can remember all commercial consumer pre-USB iterations of digital storage.

Ahh the old days.

Ahh the old days.

Saving things on the cloud is fine, I do it frequently. In fact, I probably need to add “organizing my document storage across devices and cloud” to my tech to-do list, because I’m pretty sure I’ve got at least 3 copies of quite a few things between my poor laptop, google drive, various usb keys, and work computer. With all that in mind, I still want to be able to have some sort of physical portable storage option.

The world wide interwebz still don’t completely encompass the whole world and if they do, they’re not always 100% easily (or even possibly) accessible. Wifi is great and all, but it’s definitely not accessible in every nook and cranny of this ol’ globe. I like the ability to fiddle with my electronic documents even if I can’t connect to the internet. I like knowing that my hard copy documents are less likely to be found by some really bored hacker. I know, I know, if my computer’s been hacked everything’s insecure, blah blah blah, but there’s a safety and security that comes from having a physical “in my hand” storage option that saving stuff to the cloud just doesn’t have.

So am I crazy for feeling that way?  Am I too “old school” for my own good?  Does passing on devices that don’t offer some sort of external memory option make sense?

You tell me.  It may seem like my mind’s made up, but I do enjoy having my ideas and opinions challenged (you know, like with proof or at least rational arguments) and I honestly am not sure if I’m the crazy one or if the companies who are trying to shove us all onto the cloud are.


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I do some stuff in the digital world, as well as in the physical world. I could happily talk your ears off on, well, just about anything. I'm an awesome, headache-inducing person with not much humility who is driven to help make the world a better place (and no, I don't care if that sounds corny). My contributions to the world as we know it come in the form of communicating and nitpicking how other people communicate. Gimme a pet and a book and you probably won't hear from me for a while, unless "[Pet], you should(n't) do that!" counts. I will take occasional breaks from reading to play video games and may also grudgingly do some adult things like earn money, shower, eat, and sleep. I may also watch a movie or t.v. show, especially if it's an adult cartoon show. You can follow me on twitter (@hipkec), drop me a line (hipke.ce@gmail.com), or tell me what you're thinking right here because, honestly, I want to know!


2 thoughts on “Cloud v USB: Is the digital storage war over?

  1. My opinion is that the cloud has come to change the way we store our documents, and it has come to stay. I also feel a bit insecure when it comes to put certain documents on it, and when I have to send those I use either my usb key or my e-mail, but for the rest of the documents there’s no doubt about where to put them. There’s another point about it, and it is collaboration, right now you can share a folder with a group of people and work together in real time, and usb keys can’t compete agains that…

    Posted by Víctor | September 25, 2013, 4:08 pm
    • On the collaboration front, Víctor, I completely agree. Cloud sharing has made collaboration so easy that the USB must cede defeat in that arena. However, as an overall, “I shall save things this way forever and ever more, and ONLY this way” I don’t think the collaboration aspect gives the cloud the clear win.

      Posted by C Hipke | September 25, 2013, 4:17 pm

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