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Step up to save lives

Normally, this blog is dedicated to the professional, nonfuzzy side of my life. I may still be zany, a little off the wall, and look at things differently, but in this site, you should be safe from the work I do for and with animal rescues.

I’m sorry, but today I will be breaking that rule.  You see, in what amounts to an adult version of the game telephone, a wonderful idea was born.  One friend in Indiana (cough Jackie cough) talked to one friend in Michigan (cough Becki cough) about adopting a puppy. another puppy. Amid the chants of “DO IT, DO IT” Jackie looked at the shelter that her family had adopted their past 2 dogs from and discovered something that most rescues can tell you, to their dismay: many of the pets listed for adoption were in need of special medical care, not for past injuries or health issues, but for current injuries, illnesses, or issues.

Jackie’s reaction was probably similar to yours: shock, amazement, and dismay. Sadly, Becki and I knew this was not uncommon at all and was just one more hurdle the rescue community faces.

After talking to both Becki and I, that wonderful idea I mentioned before was born: let’s raise money to help those pets!

Thus was born the Michigan v. Indiana campaign to help as many animals as possible.  Your awesome home team has picked 4 Paws 1 Heart to support (you can donate right here, right now). You can learn an awful lot more about them at http://4paws1heart.org/, but I can tell you right now, they help pay for vet care for animals in need in the Detroit metro area.

You can even watch this video and learn more

The gauntlet has been thrown, hurled, emailed, and now (obviously) publicized. We’re giving this challenge until September 8th to see which state rocks the most, helps the most animals, brings the greenbacks the best. (cough Michigan cough)

Help Michigan, the home of the green (and blue, plus a plethora of other stellar schools) stomp Indiana, the home of the hated Notre Dame, Pacers, and Colts and DONATE HERE.

If you really want to (for some crazy reason) help Indiana, you can DONATE HERE.

If you’re super awesome and just want to help some pets in need, you’ll do the right thing and donate to both campaigns (but give Michigan more, come on now).


All money raised will go directly to these organizations. 4 Paws 1 Heart has not asked me to do this, nor are they affiliated with this. It is just something personally I wanted to do since they are such a great organization with a big need!


About C Hipke

I do some stuff in the digital world, as well as in the physical world. I could happily talk your ears off on, well, just about anything. I'm an awesome, headache-inducing person with not much humility who is driven to help make the world a better place (and no, I don't care if that sounds corny). My contributions to the world as we know it come in the form of communicating and nitpicking how other people communicate. Gimme a pet and a book and you probably won't hear from me for a while, unless "[Pet], you should(n't) do that!" counts. I will take occasional breaks from reading to play video games and may also grudgingly do some adult things like earn money, shower, eat, and sleep. I may also watch a movie or t.v. show, especially if it's an adult cartoon show. You can follow me on twitter (@hipkec), drop me a line (hipke.ce@gmail.com), or tell me what you're thinking right here because, honestly, I want to know!


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