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Don’t expect us to make it easy

You’ve all heard about this

Target “Dark Heather Gray” and “Manatee Gray” Colors

So I can now share with you a really nitpicky observation about the Wall Street Journal’s share of Target’s, well let’s just be nice and say interesting, labeling issue.

Please open this specific article and look alllllllll the way at the end of the actual article.  You will see at the bottom “Information from: New York Post” followed by a url.  However, they don’t hyperlink the url, so you have to actually physically copy and paste that url into your address bar to get anywhere NEAR the NY Post article. Also, the url they gave? Wasn’t to the actual article. Wasn’t even to the section you could probably find the article in.  It was simply to the New York Post’s whole website.

To me, that just screams (if you can scream with your nose firmly pointed at the heavens) “No, we actually don’t want you to go to their article, but we’re going to pretend like we’re trying live up to some sort of citation standards.”  Also known as “Good luck sucker, you can do all the work if you want to read the article put out by that rag, because we sure won’t sully our hands by helping you.”

What do you think? Is it just me? Did the illustrious Wall Street Journal fall flat on their upturned noses at a simple customer service or community service task? Am I simply being to demanding, high maintenance, and lazy? What say all of you?

However, in case you wanted to GO to the NY Post article and not have to search high and low thru their website and then ask google to find it for you (because that’s what it took for ME to find the article, since the New York Post’s site search couldn’t handle finding this article, no matter how many variations I tried) here’s the actual, hyperlinked url: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/target_big_fat_flub_PmqhmVYitbHIbXCbD1COAL


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